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Much Ado About Nothing

Sometimes when one views or reads a piece of work, there is a title that is intriguing,  ironic or misleading.  This one is not any of those things.  The title is straightforward and the work is just that. I fell asleep.

Anyway, the opening pastoral scene with the men and women eating in the field had several ‘natures’ in it.   The nature of the Earth (trees, soil, fruit,sky etc.) and the human aspect of nature (Beatrice’s quick wit, Hero the innocent, Margaret honest, but easily taken advantage of). We have on the other side Benedick the cynical individual, Leonato the respected elderly man, Dion Pedro the Prince, Don john the jealous half brother villain,  and Claudio the gullible one.

The characters are one dimensional and stereotypical to demonstrate types of human characteristics that we all have, it’s just that these characters have it in a more pronounced way.  Everyone is wanting something.  Whether it is approval from another, power or  revenge.  This ‘human nature’ that is depicted is very different than animal nature which is about basic survival (food, shelter).

As far as the two pairs of lovers are concerned, what I noticed was that Claudio and Hero were of the passive and innocent set whereas Beatrice and Benedick were of the more interesting and fiery kind.  The passion between Beatrice and Benedick was something like the of a clash of the sexes, who would win type of thing. They were much more interesting because they were funny and unpredictable.



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